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Adventure sports in Nepal


Nepal is well-known for adventurous sports in the world which had attracted many travelers over decades. Whether you choose to paraglide, bungee jump, ultra flight, mountain biking, zip flyer, you will find an adventure everyday in Nepal. The Himalaya has long been center of attraction for travelers and trekkers alike. Recently, Nepal holds plenty of adrenaline sports that offer you physical and mental challenging sports in an exotic destination. From ultimate thrill of bungee jumping off from 160m to gravity fall in Zip flyer, there are of plenty of adventurous sports that provide you the real excitement. Likewise, ascend and descend on the trail of picturesque valley and villages of remote Nepal gives you incredible opportunity to experience the typical Nepalese tradition and lifestyle. Besides trekking, there are lots of outdoor adventures in Nepal that quench the thirst of ultimate adrenaline junkies.

Nepal is dream come true destination for adventure seekers where you can enjoy adrenaline sport amidst of green hills, valleys and flat lands which are geographically blessed as an adventure playground in nature. Kathmandu and Pokhara have high potentiality for adventurous activities except for your major activity like trekking and mountaineering. Graceful adventure provides you number of well-guided adrenaline sports and committed to make your holiday enjoyable and safe.

Bungee Jump Tour

Bungee jump from the highest natural bungee jumping site 135m above the wild and grudging Bhote Koshi is one of the most thrilling and exotic adventurous sport commenced in Nepal. Bungee jump tour is a designed tour that let you


Mountain Flight Tour

Mountain flight tour is one of the most popular tour in Nepal. This short and easy tour above the Himalaya range let you view the majestic peaks like highest peak in the world – Mount Everest, which is 8848 m (29029 ft.). Besides Mount Everest,


Paragliding Tour

Paragliding tour in Nepal is one of the famous adventurous sport commenced in Pokhara. This fascinating glide above the charismatic Phewa Lake and viewing the mind-blowing mighty Annapurna is one of the best moment of the lifetime.


Ultra-light tour

Ultra-Light Tour is an exotic tour combined with exploration of one of the most touristic destination Pokhara and enjoying the adventure and fun of Ultra-Light ride. This fascinating tour let you explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites around


Zip flyer tour

Zip flyer tour offer you a 600 Meters Vertical Drop about 1.8 KM Long at the speed of 140+ KM/Hour is the best exotic and chilling experience in Pokhara. The world's most incredible zip line! This fascinating tour let you enjoy the sightseeing


Mountain Biking Tour Nepal

Mountain biking in Nepal is an adventurous and exciting sport that offers you some of the most challenging biking track in the world. There are different types of mountain biking track in Nepal some are from dusk to dawn and some for coplue of days to


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