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Holding the greatest and the highest mountains in the world, Nepal has been the best place for trekking. Combined with well-worn foot track developed between the villages over centuries, making trekking the best way for seeing the Himalayas. Treks like Everest base camp & Gokyo Lake, Annapurna or lantana to less popular treks like mustang to Kanchenjunga base camp. From short trek to month expedition trek, from tea-house trekking to camping rough.
Nepal has some of the best trekking in the world. Trekking from the beautiful hills of Pokhara to the desert of the mustang, religious place of Gorkha to the shining city of Kathmandu. Trekking in Nepal has been the main attraction of tourism in Nepal. Attractive treks like Annapurna Circuit Trek, Everest & East Nepal Treks, Langtang & Helambu Treks  and many more beautiful and tough trek route from mountains to plane, from the bank  of thrilling and fast flowing river to the silent and still lakes of the mountains. Trekking in Nepal includes the fascinating Himalayan region of Tibet and some part of India. Nepal is a country with bordered to china and India. Trekkers all around the world come to commence the adventurous trek, some to scale unconquered peaks while others came for scientific research in the high mountains.
You could spend a year planning an expedition to wild and lofty places; on the other you could land in Kathmandu with no plans and be on the trail to Everest Base Camp (EBC) in a matter of days and view the beauty of the nature. This beautiful country flourished with natural, cultural and religious sightseeing places is the perfect destination for those who seek to enjoy the charismatic Himalayas and explore the ancient touch of the Himalayan kingdom.

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is one of the best adventure activity to be done in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal offers you the most spectacular view of majestic and highest mountains in the world. Nepal owns eight out of the ten highest mountains in the world including first highest the mighty Mt. Everest   soars at theread more...

Tour in Nepal

Dreaming about a trip to Nepal? With plenty of exotic destination, Nepal offers some of most adventurous and appealing tour packages. Home to soaring peak, Mt. Everest, Nepal captivates many tourists with its soul-stirring landscapes, diverse


Popular Places in Nepal

Nepal is geographically and culturally diverse- probably the most diverse country that you will find on this entire planet. Although, occupying only 0.1% of earth surface, Nepal stands as one of richest countries in the world in terms of bio-diversity


Rafting in Nepal

Home to eight highest mountains out of fourteen eight-thousanders, Nepal offers unique amalgamation of culture that ranges from intricate Hindu religion to the asceticism of Buddhist. More than 6,000 river flows through the foot of Himalaya


Adventure sports in Nepal

Nepal is well-known for adventurous sports in the world which had attracted many travelers over decades. Whether you choose to paraglide, bungee jump, ultra flight, mountain biking, zip flyer, you will find an adventure everyday in Nepal.


Hiking Tour in Nepal

Travelling is the great way of learning. It is the process of immersing deep into the nature that extends your scope of knowledge and understanding. Nepal is blessed with great mountainous range and stunning natural scenery. Opt for the best guided


Nepal Information

Nepal officially The Federal Republic of Nepal is one of the most beautiful country of the world flourished with mighty Himalayas and unseen cultural and religion. This small country of 147,181 square kilometers host the Top of the World


1 Day Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour

Our capital city Kathmandu plays host to thousands of travelers every year, creating opportunities for exploration of plethora of historical and monumental sites, graceful temple complex of Hindus and Buddhist, museum and other many interesting attractions. Interestingly, there are 7 UNSCEO protected world heritage sites in Kathmandu.


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