Best Season for Travel

Best season for Tour and Trekking in Nepal

There is no restriction for traveler  to trek  and tour in Nepal, they can visit any time. Nepal have unique landscape so we can find diverse climate with in the nation. It content world deepest George to highest peak of the world with in the small territory so there is variation in climate. Terai region have tropical and sub-tropical climate, hilly region have temperate climate and Mountainous region have subalpine and alpine climate. Due to variation in climate in small country the trekkers can trek any time, although the best season for trekking is divided into two peak season.

a.Autumn season (September to November)

One of the main best season for tour and trekking in Nepal is autumn. In this time monsoon stop so we have clear view of sky, harvesting time of crops, mild weather, the valleys are still green so we can have clear view of Nature with beautiful mountains. Also Biggest festival of Nepal (Like: Dashain, tihar, chhat) falls at this time so trekkers know the cultural and religious value of local people.

b.Spring season (March to May)

Another peak best season for tour and trekking in Nepal is spring. With the end of dry winter the trial are free from the snow, rhododendron and Himalayan flower bloom’s which make the mountain at higher altitude attractive. The sky have clear outstanding view, temperature is average so weather is pleasant. In this time trekkers have lots of opportunity to explore natural Himalayan beauty.

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