Climate of Nepal

Due to diverse geography climatic conditions of Nepal is different. Summers is so cool and winter is so cold in the northern part whereas summer is hot and winter is mild in southern part. Nepal have all types of climate in small territory. Terai has both tropical and sub-tropical climatic conditions .Hills have temperate conditions whereas Himalayans have subalpine and alpine climate. Nepal have two types of monsoon; wet and dry monsoon. Nepal receives humid air from bay of Bangal in southern belts whereas dry monsoon from Mediterranean Sea in northern belts.  Wet monsoons starts from June to august which receives maximum amount of rainfalls in summer seasons. Summer seasons is hotter which start from  May to august .With the end of monsoon autumn starts .In this time flowers blooms and which is the best time for tour, trekking ,rafting ,hiking . We can see clear sky with outstanding views and known as seasons of festivals which falls on September to November. In winter it’s quite cold which begins from November and ends at February. At this time there is dry monsoon where there is snow falls northern parts .Springs occurs at February to April .Days are mild at this time where we can find new vegetation. In average we can find average temperature in Nepal.

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