Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Helicopter Tour in Nepal is being popular among the trekkers not only because of saving time but also there are such places in Nepal where only helicopter tour is possible to explore the area. This efficient and convenient tour packages best fit for those of having limited time to spend or for those who can’t walk because of various reasons or do not wish to walk on the uphill and downhill climbing on tough and rough zigzag trails in the high Mountains. Explore the magnificent adventure flying over the Himalayan vistas, glaciated passes, quaint village settlements, terraced fields, stunning panoramic  landscapes, holy sites, rivers, lakes, green hills, valleys, gorges and other many beautiful places in the remote areas of the Kingdom of Nepal. Helicopter facility can be used for the complete sightseeing of the particular destination or can be used to shorten any of the trekking routes requiring long period of time to complete hence resulting to shorten the duration of the trek as helicopter needs very small landing space compared to others, it can be landed on the required destination.

Helicopter Tour in Nepal is the best way of exploring the tough and most mesmerizing geological landscapes of Nepal. We, Graceful Adventure, offer a wide range of tour packages that almost covers the most important places to visit in between Nepal to the visitors from around the world with various longings. Visit the glorious Nepal with us through Helicopter and experience the winged creature eye perspective of this splendid and delightful country. Reasonable prices and unique packages with well experienced and professional pilots specially the mountain flights and the key

Helicopter Tour in Nepal sites or view points with sumptuous manner definitely make our helicopter tour packages quite different from others and well satisfying in the other manner. We assure you that we will use the best helicopters that give you awe-inspiring experience of the universally adored exceptions of Nepal. There are bundles of sites where you can use helicopter, however Graceful Adventure suggests you to pick the most famous routes. Some of the best heli flight destanation are as follows.