Volunteer Tourism in Nepal

Volunteer tourism in Nepal is deeply communicates with the cause of believing in unity to promote friendship and brotherhood around the globe. You will be in a shared path for a great cause where one will encounter and experience a true color of a society and help each other to build a better society its culture and good environment.

Volunteer tourism in Nepal deals with reason of promoting the brotherhood and parenthood to a rural society for a noble cause of uplifting their standard through means of education sanitary and health campaigns. The volunteers can join the campaign for uplifting rural villages; do volunteering in monasteries, orphanage, schools, developmental projects, along with special IT consultation in the required field and sectors.

Volunteer tourism provides the common cause of uplifting the standard of women’s sanitation their empowerment through basic education or the skills and technique they acquire through our workshops. Similarly, we will provide pristine environment in a community by providing the basic infrastructure development like clean drinking water, health clinics, school and playground, community hall etc.

The international donors for volunteering tourism seek for a best place to start their noble cause. Having the best knowledge in the geography and field, we will best consult and make you visit to the best place all around the Nepal. The preferred location for the volunteer tourism is for the surrounding rural villages near Kathmandu ,Pokhara, Chitwan ,Lumbini, Lamjung, Baglung, Dolpa, Langtang and many more.

The volunteer tourism not only gives you the immense pleasure but also provides you the sensation of benevolent act of humankind. You will  not simply lean towards the love of the society but this journey of our benevolent act will keep you intangled by its love. Moreover it will be your village for a cause where you will bear parenthood. Similarly, they can ultimately become your home stays to the future or a shared bond of unity.

Graceful adventure organizes volunteer tour and trekking in Nepal where you will stand for promoting the noble act for humankind. We have a depth in knowledge and experience to best consult you to draft a new site for this best cause. We will show the needy community to the  benevolent donors and best place this designated place to turn into their dreamland. Similarly we will provide budget to luxury packages for this volunteer tour in Nepal Tibet and Bhutan.


  • Under developing country
  • Lack of good educational institute in rural areas
  • Less literacy and awareness in nature conservation.
  • Friendly and helpful community
  • Multi racial multi ethnic people residing in all nooks an corners
  • More needy places to cover for development
  • Easy join the tour in rural as well as urban area
  • To understand the local culture in their own very way.

Volunteer Tourism in Nepal - Packages

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