Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal is almost as popular as trekking in Nepal these days and emerging as the prominent industry. The white water rafting mostly based on the rivers originated at high Himalayas or snow fed lakes are popular for the unlimited world class opportunities of great mountain river rafting and kayaking.

Nepal is famous for the adventures rafting trip. Nepal is the second richest country in the world in terms of water resources after Brazil. It is blessed with some of the world class Mountain Rivers which provide fun and exciting river rafting adventure. Being famous in adventurous trekking and climbing, Nepal is also widely famous for its fast flowing rivers hence resulting some of the world class adventurous white water river rafting.

Home to eight highest mountains out of fourteen eight-thousands, Nepal offers unique amalgamation of culture that ranges from intricate Hindu religion to the asceticism of Buddhist. More than 6,000 river flows through the foot of Himalaya nourished by monsoon rain, waterfall and melting snow. So it is no surprise that there are lots of opportunities for rafting and other river sports in Nepal.

Rafting in Nepal is well-known as one of the best white water rafting experience in the world. With professional river guide, year of experience in national and International River and great enthusiasm, Graceful adventure is one of Leading River rafting company in Nepal. We organize rafting expedition in major river of Nepal.

Well Known River Rafting Routes in Nepal.

March, April, May and early June are good for rafting and September, October, November and early December are also good months for rafting avoiding the monsoon season. Nepal has quite many rivers suitable for rafting and some of them are shortly described below.

Trishuli River Rafting: The most popular route of the country that starts from Khudi and ends to Bimal Nagar covering a distance of 38 km.  The river is fairly tranquil except in monsoon.

Kali Gandaki River Rafting: This is another famous rafting route of Nepal. You will raft through the world’s deepest gorge, the Kali Gandaki. The river originates from Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges.

Marsyangdi River Rafting: Another popular and thrilling white water rafting of Nepal. This river is also fantastic for kayak as it has steeper and more continuous stretch of rapids.

Karnali River Rafting: The Karnali is the longest river of the country that originates from Mt. Kailash and the Kanziroba Himal glacier in Tibet is quite famous for thrilling and adventurous rafting.

Bhote Koshi River Rafting: Being very close from the capital city, Bhote Koshi River rafting is quite famous that flows along the Araniko highway. Rafting in this river is quite a roller coaster ride as it goes sometimes over tranquil water, sometimes over heavy stretches and sometimes through high strewn passages. A fairly long ride and is recommended to intermediate and advance rafters.

Seti River Rafting: Seti River rafting offers an astonishing view of Mt. Manaslu and Annapurna regions. Rafting in winter over Seti River is not a problem as the water is quite warm.

Tamur River Rafting: It is another awe-inspiring experience for the advanced rafters. The route follows almost 120 km long journey over more than 100 exciting rapids. It originates from Mt. Kanchanjunga, the third highest peak of the world.

These are some examples of white water rafting rivers among many others. Nepal has something to offer everyone from the beginners to the more experienced ones.

Things to know about rafting in Nepal.

Rivers of Nepal are divided into three categories based on their origins. The first category of the river system comprises the rivers originated from the Himalayas or snow fed lakes. The Koshi River, Gandaki River and the Karnali River system are in this category. All of these river systems are comprised of many tributary rivers. All of the rivers are greatly famous for rafting adventure.

The second category of the river system comprises the rivers originated from Mahabharat range. These rivers are smaller in size and only grow bigger in monsoon. These are not worthy for the rafting purposes.

The third category of the river system comprises the rivers originated from the Chure Hills. These rivers soar at monsoon and have little or no water during the dry season.

Being Categorized on the basis of the origin, Rivers of Nepal further divided in to 6 grades on the basis of rafting difficulties.

Grade One: Rivers with slow current and little or no obstacles.

Grade two and Three: Rivers with fast current with some obstacles and smaller to medium size rapids.

Grade Four: These Rivers have high current, large waves and continuous long sections.

Grade Five: Very high level of current, powerful extended sections of rapids that demands very strong paddling and preferably previous experience.

Grade Six: Rivers have extreme level of current and obstacles that make it almost impossible to raft.

Based on the difficulties of the river grade 1 to 3 is easy to raft and any one can try on these grades. If you are confident and have prior experience you can try to grade 4 and 5. As of your preference, we can arrange you solo rafting program of a day to combined programs of hiking, trekking, wild life safari with rafting that may last for several days.

One day rafting trip is normally done in Trishuli and Bhote Koshi Rivers with to and from transportation and food. This trip is perfect for those wish to enjoy the white water river rafting with family and have very limited time.

Other types of rafting require several days staying overnight on shore of the river. We will have plenty of crew members to support for the team like . Contact us for your life time vacation rafting with plenty of time to swim in warm white water and relax on the beach of the river and an insight of the local people and their culture in and around. What a great rivers we have, diving in it on the hot summer days is completely safe with life jackets; the charming moments will be your life time assets that will encourage you to be there again and again.

Rafting in Nepal - Packages

Bhote Koshi River Rafting

Duration: 2 Days

Trishuli River Rafting
Trishuli River Rafting

Duration: 1 Day

Karnali River Rafting
Karnali River Rafting

Duration: 13 Days

Seti River Rafting
Upper Seti River Rafting

Duration: 1 Day

Kaligandaki River Rafting
Kaligandaki River Rafting

Duration: 3 Days

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