Kathmandu to Lumbini Tourist Bus Ticket

Graceful Adventure provides the Luxury and Comfortable tourist bus ticket service from Kathmandu to Lumbini at a reasonable price. Our company provide tourist bus ticket with other amenities like comfortable seats, air condition, and hygienic environment which is most important for overland journey. We also provide the private transport from Kathmandu to Lumbini.

The approximate distance between Lumbini and Kathmandu is 330 kilometers. It normally requires a 10-11-hour beautiful journey across Nepal’s steep countryside on verdant, winding roads. This journey connects the nation’s capital with the city known for birthplace of Sidharth Gautam Buddha. Along with numerous other administrative centers in Nepal, Kathmandu, also referred to as the “city of temples,” is significant historically.

Kathmandu to Lumbini tourist bus travels twice daily from both cities, leaving once in the morning at 7:00 A.M. and once in the evening at 7:00 P.M. From the Gongabu bus park, the bus leaves and the last station will be at Mayadevi gate number 5.

A more flexible option is the online tourist bus ticket offered by Graceful Adventure from Kathmandu to Lumbini. Our clients can purchase bus tickets online. Therefore, you don’t have to go to the office to pick up the tickets. Online bus ticket purchases from Kathmandu to Lumbini are simple and secure, and you may pay using a number of tools, such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, etc. For Nepalese, the Kathmandu Lumbini Deluxe Tourist Bus Costs Rupee 1500 per person; for visitors, it costs US$15 per person.

Siddharth Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism throughout the world, was born in Lumbini. For those who practice Buddhism, it is a well-known place of pilgrimage. The Lumbini trip is suitable with the Kathmandu-Lumbini tourist bus ticket. Inside Lumbini, there are numerous monasteries that have been constructed by various nations. By way of UNESCO, Lumbini is recognized as a world heritage site. As Siddhartha Gautam Buddha’s birthplace and home to numerous stupas constructed by various countries around the world, Lumbini is the destination of choice for most pilgrims.

Graceful Adventure offered wide, flexible, luxurious, and well-sanitized with safety equipped Kathmandu Lumbini tourist. Tourist bus tickets are convenient means of travelling in Nepal with the proper assurance of safety. Our company provide both morning and night bus tickets which are more flexible. Kathmandu Lumbini Tourist bus provides various facilities such as air conditions, deluxe seats. On this bus ticket you’ll also one mineral water bottle per person and blankets for night shift.

Things to do Lumbini

• Visit Mayadevi temple and Ashokan Pillar
• Explore the different countries monastery
• Bicycle tour in Nepal terrain Region
• Joined the meditation and yoga
• Volunteer service, teaching English to monk

Departing Time of Kathmandu Lumbini Tourist Bus Route 

Kathmandu Lumbini Tourist Bus departs twice a day from both cities i.e. Kathmandu and Lumbini. The Kathmandu Lumbini Tourist bus follow the routes from Gongabu bus park- Swayambhu- Kalanki- thankot- Mugling- Gaidakot- Tamasriya- Baedaghat- Sunwal- Lumbini.

  • Morning

Kathmandu Lumbini Deluxe tourist bus departs at 7:00 A.M. every morning from Gongabu Bus park of Kathmandu and Mayadevi Gate No.5 of Lumbini. So, for those who want to catch the morning bus has to reach at 6:30 A.M at the bus station.

  • Night

The night shift tourist bus from Kathmandu to Lumbini and vice-versa departs at 7:00 P.M. from both cities. For the night shift the reporting time is at 6:30 P.M. The passenger has to reach at the bus station on time.

Facilities of Kathmandu Lumbini Tourist Bus 


Type of Bus Facilities
Sofa Tourist Bus ·         2*1 luxury sofa seat

·         1 mineral water bottle per passenger,

·         Air condition and Heating System

·         3 time stop for food and toilet break,

·         Natural landscape view

·         Blanket for night shift.

Deluxe Tourist Bus ·         2*2 folding seat

·          1 mineral water bottle per passenger

·          A/C Heating System

·          3time stop for food and toilet break

·         Blanket for night shift

Kathmandu Lumbini Bus Ticket Cost, Price

For Nepalis and tourists, the cost of the Kathmandu Lumbini tourist bus ticket varies. The cost of the night and morning buses will be the same. According to the cost, we guarantee to provide you with quality service as you travel from Kathmandu to Lumbini. The price of a tourist bus from Kathmandu to Lumbini is as follows:

Types of Bus

Price (for Nepali)

Price (For foreigner)

Deluxe Tourist Bus 1500 rupees USD 15
VIP Sofa Tourist Bus 2000 rupees USD 20

Kathmandu Lumbini Road Condition

The roads from Kathmandu to Lumbini are in flawless black peach condition but there will also bumpy on some places. Lumbini and Kathmandu are connected by the Prithivi Highway and Siddhartha Highway, which is located about 330 kilometers away. As you go overland, you may take in breath-taking views of mountain ranges and the Trishuli River flowing on the other side. You’ll reach Gaidakot, which leads to Lumbini, after passing Narayanghat. There will occasionally be construction delays and traffic jams as you travel from Kathmandu to Lumbini.

Types of Kathmandu Lumbini Tourist Bus

  • Luxury sofa seat/VIP Tourist Bus

Sofa seats are one of the popular, fanciest and most demanded tourist bus ticket to the date. Sofa seat are comfy, stylish and provides the utmost satisfaction during travel. Luxury sofa seats with Aircon facilities prepares you for the ditchy roads where you don’t feel a thing. Sofa bus has capacity of 25-28 seats. Your trip will be more luxurious and comfortable due to the big air-suspension bus with a sofa, as well as other amenities like a/c, mineral water, wide windows, and seatbelts that meet international safety requirements. The VIP Sofa tourist bus has a two-by-one folding seat available.

VIP Sofa tourist bus departs twice daily from Kathmandu to Lumbini. This VIP tourist departs from the Gongabu bus park, Kathmandu to Lumbini every morning and night. Foreigners and Nepalese has to pay different prices for the VIP sofa tourist bus that travels between Kathmandu and Lumbini. Foreigners paid $20 per person while Nepalese paid 2000 rupees per person.

Departure Time and Cost  of Kathmandu-Lumbini VIP Tourist Bus

From To Depart Time Reporting Time Cost
Kathmandu Lumbini 7:00 A.M 6:30 A.M 2000
Kathmandu Lumbini 7:00 P.M 6:30 P.M 2000


  • Super Deluxe Tourist Bus

Deluxe Tourist buses are the luxury and comfy standard tourist buses which is most preferable buses from Kathmandu to Lumbini. As they are clean, hygienic, and comfortable with basic safety criteria, they are the fundamental factor that distinguishes local buses from tourist buses. There are 35 seats total on these 2*2 folding chairs. From Kathmandu to Lumbini, these luxurious tourist buses offer comforts like air conditioning, mineral water, and blankets for the nights. Both cities have daily departures for the Kathmandu Lumbini Deluxe Tourist Bus.

Lumbini can be reached from Kathmandu in roughly 10-11 hours. Every morning, a bus leaves from Gongabu Bus park for the Lumbini at 7:00 A.M. The night buses depart from the same bus station at 7:00 P.M. The price of a deluxe tourist bus id different according to the nationality of the passengers. For a Nepalese citizen, it costs 1500 rupees and for foreigner citizen, it costs USD15.


Departure Time & Cost from Kathmandu to Lumbini Tourist Bus 

From To Depart Time Reporting Time Cost
Kathmandu Lumbini 7:00 A.M 6:30 A.M Rs 1500
Kathmandu Lumbini 7:00 P.M 6:30 P.M Rs 1500

Booking Process of  Kathmandu Lumbini tourist bus ticket?

Kathmandu Lumbini bus Ticket are easily bought via Graceful Adventure Travel office via online or Office visit. We are located near Sorakhutte in Thamel. Our office lies opposite to The Hotel Moonlight in the Paknajol Street. We are easily available on Viber, Messenger, Whatsapp or emails. Any queries on the facilities or services can be briefly discussed via calls or mails as the client likes.

For Kathmandu to Pokhara tourist bus ticket or package tour please email on gracefuladventuretravel@gmail.com / info@gracefuladventure.com

Or call directly +977-9851219412 or Viber, whatsapp on this number.

Why Choose Graceful Adventure for Kathmandu to Lumbini tourist bus ticket?

  • Easy Online Service

Graceful Adventure provides online service for the passenger which quick and convenient. As we also offer online service, Graceful Adventure is always accessible to stay in touch with you. You can quickly and immediately purchase a ticket for a tourist bus whenever you want.

  • Experienced Driver

A skilled driver is provided by Graceful Adventure to ensure a smooth and secure trip to your destination in Nepal. In order to make your journey enjoyable, they have great geographic knowledge of the area and ability to navigate.

  • VIP Sofa and Deluxe Tourist bus

From Kathmandu, Vehicle Nepal offers VIP and tourist buses towards Pokhara and Chitwan. Additionally, the typical tourist bus for Lumbini, Syabrubesi, and Besisahar is available. These bus are more comfortable, luxurious, and flexible which is suitable for long trip.

  • Sanitized and cleaned vehicles

Your health is important to Graceful Adventure. Our tour buses have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Each tourist bus will be properly cleaned and sanitized to protect you from germs and infections.

  • Flexible Booking

Graceful Adventure provides flexible booking facilities to the customer. You can book bus tickets through online and also you can visit our office if you are near our office.

  • 24-hours customer service

Graceful Adventure will always there for you to provide services. 24-hour customer services are available in graceful adventure.

FAQ About Kathmandu to Lumbini Tourist Bus Ticket. 

How can I book a tourist bus ticket from Kathmandu to Lumbini?

You can book a tourist bus ticket from Kathmandu to Lumbini with us through online, calls, or you can also visit our office.

What is the duration of the bus journey from Kathmandu to Lumbini?

The duration of the bus journey can vary depending on factors like traffic and road conditions, but it generally takes around 10-11 hours to travel from Kathmandu to Lumbini by tourist bus.

What is the cost of a tourist bus ticket from Kathmandu to Lumbini?

The ticket prices can vary based on nationality. For a Nepali it costs 1500 rupees whereas, for the foreigner it costs USD15.

Are there different types of buses available for this route?

Our company arrange only deluxe tourist for Kathmandu Chitwan route. So, only deluxe tourist bus is available for this route?

Do I need to book my ticket in advance?

We recommended our guests to book ticket in advance especially during peak travel seasons, to secure your seat and avoid any last-minute hassles.

What are the departure and arrival points for the Kathmandu to Lumbini bus?

The Kathmandu Lumbini tourist bus departs from Gongabu bus park of Kathmandu and arrive at Mayadevi gate number 5, Lumbini.

Can I cancel or reschedule my bus ticket?

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule your bus ticket. But you’ve to inform earlier otherwise you’ve to pay certain charge.

Are there any rest stops or breaks during the journey?

Yes, during the journey our bus stops 2 times for toilet break and to have some foods. You’ll have lunch, snack, or dinner on the way.

How can I reach to tourist bus station from hotel?

You can reach to tourist bus station from hotel through taxis which are frequently available in both cities. You can also use private vehicles. If your hotels are located near the bus station, then you go by walking.

How much does it cost for the Taxi?

The price for the taxi depends on the distance between your accommodation and the bus station. From Thamel to Gongabu bus station, it takes Rs.500.

About Company

Graceful Adventure is a registered company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We specialize in offering tourist buses ticket to different parts of the Nepal including Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan, and Syabrubesi. Our company provides online based service to the customer which are more flexible and easy to book. To enhance our customer’s experience, we have a team of experienced and friendly vehicle operator and helper. Our exceptional service and facilities are renowned for making you trip more comfortable, safety, and flexible. From Graceful adventure you can get bus ticket of VIP sofa, Deluxe, and Coaster tourist bus which are more luxurious and reliable.

Graceful adventure Travel always use safety , comfortable and luxury tourist Bus and private vehicle service to Lumbini. We are organizing the Lumbini tour as well as please if you looking for Kathmandu to Lumbini Tourist Bus Ticket, vehicle or Tour Please email on   info@gracefuladventure.com   or call directly 977-9851219412.

Time, Price, schedule & Bus Standard Kathmandu - Lumbini Tourist Bus

From To Departure Rep Time Remarks Price
Kathmandu Lumbini 7:00 am 5:00 pm AC Deluxe Tourist bus with International standard seat Rs 1500 Book Now +97714700180
Kathmandu Lumbini 7:00 pm 5:00 am AC Deluxe Tourist bus with International standard seat Rs 1500 Book Now +97714700180
Kathmandu Lumbini 7:00 pm 5:00 am Comfortable sofa seats with A/c Luxury Bus Rs 2000 Book Now +97714700180

Time, Price, schedule & Bus Standard Lumbini - Kathmandu Tourist Bus

From To Departure Rep Time Remarks Price
Lumbini Kathmandu 5:45 am 02:5:00 pm AC Deluxe Tourist bus with International standard seat 1500 Book Now +97714700180
Lumbini Kathmandu 7:00 pm 02:5:00 am AC Deluxe Tourist bus with International standard seat 1500 Book Now +97714700180
Lumbini Kathmandu 7:00 pm 02:5:00 pm Comfortable sofa seats with Luxury Tourist Bus 2000 Book Now +97714700180

Price of Drove from Kathmandu to Lumbini by private vehicle.

From To Vehicle Type Price
Kathmandu Lumbini car Rs 22000 Book Now +97714700180
Kathmandu Lumbini Jeep/van Rs 32000 Book Now +97714700180
Kathmandu Lumbini Hiace Rs 40000 Book Now +97714700180
Kathmandu Lumbini Sutlej Bus Rs 72000 Book Now +97714700180
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