Mardi Himal Peak Climbing

Trip Difficulty: Easy

  • Destination Nepal

Overview of Mardi Himal Peak Climbing

Mardi Himal peak 5555m, is situated at the southern part of the Annapurna Range. This peak is located at the south west of lower slope of the Mt. Machhapuchre. This trek follows the unspoiled trails in the region and provides extra simulation and thrill in the heart of adventurers. This can be seen as a legendary trek of region following moderate trek with best view adventure.

Mardi Himal peak climbing follows a pristine trail of unspoken natural beauty. Peak climbing in Nepal is above the “Tree Line Zone” which can be seen as the zone of snow rock and ice. The lure of Himalayas is irresistible as the high ranging altitude provides a best scenario view of the harshest climate in the world. The sheer beauty, dramatic massive mountain, best challenging route and the well-established hospitality of the people makes this trek climb a once in a lifetime experience.

Mardi Himal peak climbing offers an opportunity to explore the serene natural beauty, its diverse biodiversity along with the cultural diversity. This trip offers unmapped trails, pristine nature, picturesque mountain ranges, diverse flora and fauna where you will move past through blossoming rhododendron, pine, and birch and magnolia forest.

Mardi Himal peak climbing requires heavy logistics, communication management, along with trained staffs and guides. The Sherpa people of the Annapurna region have always been experienced to achieve this very height to summit. These beautiful souls have made all the peak climbing and expedition successful all throughout the days. Mardi Himal peak requires moderate to strenuous level of physical fitness as you have to pass some difficult hurdle and thick layer of ice while ascending. The use of the crampons, ice axes and ropes are seemingly necessary for the ascent. The technical difficulty might arise while ascending the summit.

Route for the Mardi Himal peak

Mardi Himal peak climb starts from Kathmandu where you will reach Pokhara via scenic ride. You will then proceed to Ghachowk by jeep ride. You will then trek to Sano khoban, Pipa, Thulo kharka, and finally to the base camp (4100m) you will then rest and acclimatize on the level of need and designated plan. You will summit the peak by passing through high camp (4650m) then finally summit the peak. You will take other route to Pokhara via Rivan. You can take the alternative route if needed via the Ghandruk village trek to base camp and take route via Sidhing.

Best climate for Mardi Himal Peak Climbing

The climate in Nepal can sometime become notorious. The best valued of time and season must be taken care while visiting the harsh and wildest nature of Nepal. There are mainly two season famous for operating expedition in Nepal.


Spring is the best season for peak in Nepal. This includes the month from late February to May month. The climate will be most vivid at this time with the lushly view of the massive mountain terrain. The wind is not harsh and the trail will be less difficult than other season where it is mostly covered with snows. This season has the highest record of expedition in Nepal. The region will be more crowded with people thus the cost efficient travel is most.


Autumn is another season for the best time to summit the peaks. This season include from the month of late September to early December. The nature is with lushly hills with the vivid sky. The weather will be with less heat haze which includes best spectacular views of the massive peak ranges around the world. This is the second most crowded season of the year. There will be fewer crowds as compared to the spring season.

Physical fitness required for climbing

This peak climbing needs moderate to little strenuous level of physical fitness. This is a grade 4 level of peak climbing thus one must be supposed to be physically fit free from any disability. The climber is supposed to have a well knowledge to use the tools and equipment. The climbers must be in healthiest shape and must endure the harsh wilderness and nature so as to successfully complete this very peak climbing.

Food and Accommodation

Food and accommodation is all provided through the package. The stay in the Kathmandu will be of two days where you will stay at hotel based on your level of preference. From then after reaching the Ghachowk route you will stay at the tea houses and lodges till to the base camp. From there, you will stay on the tent and camp so we will prepare our own food by guide or Sherpa till the final level of ascend and descend till to the base camp. The days on the camp will normally be 2 to 3 days normally on the level of fitness and health.

Mardi Himal Peak Climbing Permit Cost

Mardi Himal, located in Nepal’s Annapurna Himalayan Region, is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and exhilarating adventures. As part of the magnificent Annapurna Massif, this region entices both domestic and international tourists with its awe-inspiring Himalayan panoramas and unspoiled natural surroundings. Among the array of trekking options available, Mardi Himal Peak climbing stands out as a highly sought-after and cherished activity, attracting a diverse range of trekkers. With its lower altitude and picturesque landscapes adorned with natural wonders, Mardi Himal Peak has become a beloved destination for adventure enthusiasts.

In order to safeguard the region’s natural splendor and protect its rare flora and fauna within their pristine habitats, the Nepalese government has implemented a permit system to effectively monitor all tourist activities in the area. This permit system has proven immensely beneficial, enabling the management of the growing number of climbers visiting Mardi Himal while also facilitating the collection of crucial trekker data for emergency operations, including helicopter rescues, during unforeseen circumstances.

The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) is responsible for issuing permits for Mardi Himal Peak climbing, with the fees collected being utilized for various purposes such as trail maintenance, environmental preservation, and organizing rescue programs. The cost of a Mardi Himal Climbing Permit varies based on the season. During spring, the permit is priced at $250 USD, while in autumn, it is set at USD 125. For summer and winter, the permit can be obtained at a cost of USD 70.

Additionally, as the trek passes through the Annapurna Conservation Area, it is mandatory for trekkers to obtain an Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) and a Trekkers’ Information Management System Card (TIMS). These permits can be acquired from the Tourism Board of Nepal in Kathmandu or its office in Pokhara, with each permit costing USD 30 per person. Obtaining these permits ensures responsible and sustainable tourism practices in the region, further enhancing the overall trekking experience.

Travel insurance for Mardi Himal Peak Climbing 

Peak climbing is an exhilarating adventure activity that comes with inherent risks. The ever-changing weather conditions during a climb expose climber to various dangers. Abrupt weather shifts, extreme cold temperatures, and high altitudes can lead to a range of problems, including altitude sickness and frostbite. These factors can disrupt climbing plans and necessitate costly helicopter rescues, medical treatment, and emergency evacuation.

To mitigate these risks and ensure proper care in case of emergencies, it is highly recommended to have travel insurance. A valid Travel Insurance Policy is mandatory when obtaining a permit from the Nepal Mountaineering Association. This insurance should provide comprehensive coverage, including expenses related to rescue operations, emergency helicopter evacuations, medical treatment, and evacuation. Such precautions serve as a safety net, providing climbers with the necessary assistance during unforeseen circumstances.

It is important to note that Graceful Adventure Travels does not offer travel insurance plans or engage in insurance-related activities when organizing peak climbing expeditions. We advise climbers to conduct thorough research to find reputable insurance providers that cater to their specific needs. Selecting an insurance plan that effectively addresses the risks associated

About Our Company

Graceful Adventure travels Pvt. Ltd. is a registered Adventure travel company from Nepal who organizes the peak climbing packages to the valued guest all around the globe. Our main intention is providing safe and effective trail to witness Himalayan vista through absolute delicacy. Our commitment and our work success has made the guest fall into the love of our charm. Our ultimate motto of travelling the best and safe trail has become famous and selected guest with the best knowledge are involved with us. We are committed in providing best facilities available so as to make your trip go successful. Hope you will give us opportunity to satisfy you with our best possible service.

FAQs - Mardi Himal Peak Climbing

Mardi Peak is situated at a height of 5587 meters above sea level.

The altitude of Mardi high Camp is 4500 meters from sea Level.

Mardi Peak is best climbed in the spring and autumn. These seasons provide pleasant weather with less snow and rain with clear weather. You’ll see the landscape change dramatically as nature awakens, revealing brilliant hues. Furthermore, you may coincide with local celebrations, enhancing your cultural experience. Choose either autumn or spring for a gratifying and unforgettable adventure in the midst of natural beauty.

Our standard itinerary prescribes 13 days to accomplish Mardi Peak Climbing. We do, however, provide our guests the option of personalizing their timetable to their tastes.

Mardi Peak, renowned for its daunting height, harsh climate, and rugged landscape, presents formidable challenges to climbers. Despite being less challenging than other famous peaks due to its lower altitude, ascending Mardi Peak still demands extraordinary stamina, strength, technical expertise, and acclimatization. Achieving a safe and successful ascent requires meticulous planning, thorough preparation, expert guidance, and appropriate equipment. Those who conquer this demanding venture are rewarded with a deep sense of achievement and breathtaking panoramic views. Conquering Mardi Peak necessitates unwavering dedication, perseverance, and exceptional physical endurance.

In urban areas such as Kathmandu, hotels conveniently provide access to electricity, enabling guests to utilize it throughout their stay. Conversely, rural villages often rely on small-scale hydropower plants or solar panels to generate electricity. The cost of energy usage may be relatively low in certain areas due to the presence of tourists. During trekking expeditions, particularly when camping overnight, electricity is typically unavailable. It is advisable to depend on power sources provided by homestays or teahouses along the trekking route to charge electronic devices. To ensure a reliable power supply in case of limited access, it is recommended to carry a fully charged and dependable power bank. It is important to acknowledge that the availability and reliability of electricity can vary depending on the specific location and existing infrastructure.

We offer a range of hotel options in urban areas, from luxurious 5-star to comfortable 3-star accommodations with diverse cuisine choices. In rural regions, we provide pleasant homestays, lodges, or tea houses offering fulfilling experiences and local, Indian, and Tibetan cuisine. During camping trips, you can bring your own food, and we ensure enjoyable camping meals. Your comfort and dietary needs are our priority, regardless of the setting.

We follow our standard route. However, we also provide our visitors the option to choose their own schedule.

Hotels in urban areas provide free internet access. Internet access may be available in villages; however, it could be expensive at rural teahouses. There won’t be any internet or electricity while you’re camping.

Yes, travel insurance is required for all treks and peak-climbing expeditions. Emergency helicopter rescue, medical attention, and rescue must all be covered by travel insurance.

Each and every climber must get a permission for Mardi Peak Climbing. The cost of the permit differs depending on the season. Each individual needs a permit, which costs USD 250 in the spring, USD 125 in the fall, and USD 70 in the summer.

Peak climbing is generally more risky than other treks. While climbing with us, we supply you with all the required equipment of high quality, as well as our highly trained guides and porters, which helps to lower the risk factors.

No one is permitted to hike by themselves or without a guide during the Mardi Peak Climb. Everyone who is climbing Mardi summit or any other summit has to have the guide.

Embarking on a peak climbing expedition is an arduous endeavor that presents a multitude of challenges requiring thorough deliberation. The significance of physical fitness cannot be overstated when it comes to conquering these obstacles. Peak climbing, often referred to as mountaineering, demands extraordinary levels of both physical and mental fitness. It is a thrilling and audacious pursuit that necessitates unwavering strength, both physically and mentally. Therefore, individuals undertaking this expedition must possess exceptional physical resilience to overcome the formidable difficulties that lie ahead.

Graceful adventure travel organize the Mardi himal peak climbing package at 2120 usd.

Day 1: arrival day

A dedicated representative will eagerly await your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport. Look for our representative holding a sign with our company’s name.

They will warmly welcome you, assist with any questions or concerns, and ensure your safe transfer to your chosen hotel. Expect a friendly and professional experience, as they guide you through airport procedures for a hassle-free journey.

Feel free to approach our representative for any queries or requests. We aim to make your stay in Nepal memorable. Have a pleasant journey, and we look forward to serving you during your time here.

Day 2: Kathmandu city tour and preparation for Peak climbing

After having delightful breakfast, we will start our journey with memorable Kathmandu city tour. Kathmandu city is also listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will visit Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, swyambhunath, Bouddha, etc. After that we will back to hotel. Take rest. Our guide and technical experts of Mountaineering gives some information, advice and training about peak climbing. During evening time by some very required equipment which will very mandatory for peak climbing. Have dinner and stay in hotel and have proper rest for whole journey.

Day 3: drive to Pokhara from Kathmandu (optional flight)

Having early breakfast, take a luxury tourist bus from Kathmandu at 7 am and drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara. After driving for 5 to 6 hours covering 200 km through different cities with beautiful land scape and natural beauty, we will reach the city of seven Lakes “Pokhara” which is located at the lap of Mt. Fish tail aka Mt. Machhapuchre. Today stay an overnight in hotel in Pokhara Lake side near Phewa Lake.

Day 4: drive from Pokhara to Phedi and trek to Pothana

Have breakfast in hotel and begin the journey by driving to Phedi from Pokhara. After Driving for an hour, we will reach Phedi. From Phedi start trekking. Today it will be first day of the trek. From Phedi we will trek to Pothana via Dhampus. Dhampus is very beautiful village situated inside nature from where stunning view of mountains above colorful forest line. We can get the beautiful view of colorful forest of Rhododendron. Having lunch in Dhampus, we will trek to Pothana and stay an overnight in homestay in Pothana.

Day 5: trek from Pothana to Rest Camp

On 5th day of our journey, we will start trekking from Pothana after having delightful local breakfast to our next destination Rest Camp . Start the trek trekking through the colorful forest of Rhododendron. Today the trek goes through forest and almost ascending. Trek with beautiful nature, bird chirping, etc. added glory on the trek. After trekking for 4 to 5 hours we will reach Rest Camp and spend today night camping there.

Day 6: trek from Rest camp to Badal Danda

Today is another day of trekking with nature along with the stunning natural views and land scape. While trekking to our destination Badal Danda, there will be beautiful view of stunning sceneries in front of our eyes. Exploring Badal Danda, we will stay night there.

Day 7: Trek from Badal Danda to Mardi himal base Camp and Back to Mardi Himal high camp

After having early breakfast, we will begin the trek to Mardi himal Base Camp. Today the trek will be quite long and difficult as we will gain some more elevation today. The path will be quite difficult than previous days. Even though, today we will trek with nature full of natural beauty with beautiful view of forest and vegetation. Today we will trek to tree line or above so, we may have bird eye view of forest and villages. And further more we will see close and breath-taking view of towering mountains. Today leave the guest house 8 am and lunch at mardi high camp and go for explore to mardi base camp then back to high camp.

Day 8: acclimation day at Mardi Himal Base Camp

While trekking in higher altitude or during peak climbing, we should walk in cold and dry environment where air density is very low. Because of this reason in higher altitude, there is high risk of altitude sickness which may affect all our plan and we cannot enjoy it. To overcome altitude sickness and to adjust the environment we need proper rest and acclimatation. So, today after breakfast we are heading to mardi himal base camp camp, it will be our acclimation day in Mardi himal base Camp. We will utilize our day hiking around the Base camp and taking pre climbing training from our guide who will helps us technically during climbing. Have rest and sleep early. So, that we can wakeup early next morning.

Day 9: Mardi Himal Summit from Base camp and trek back to high camp.

Today it is our very special day of our Mardi himal Peak Climbing. Today we will move forward towards our main destination Mardi Himal Peak. Wakeup early about 2 am and having breakfast, we will start our journey. At higher altitude there will be very high wind current and uncertain change in weather. So, we have to start early as we also have to back to base camp. Following our guide using mountaineering kit, we will climb up to Mardi Himal. When we summitted to Mardi himal, we will have some remarkable memories. Capture them and enjoy the panoramic view of mountains of Annapurna region. Trekking above the clouds gives you heavenly vibes and the view is breath taking. After summiting Mardi Himal, we will return back to Mardi himal high camp and stay at guest house and celebrate there.

Day 10: trek from Mardi High Camp to Sidhing Village

Having breakfast in Base Camp, we will descend back to cultural village Sidhing. Sidhing is beautiful village that holds natural and cultural beauties located on lap of Mt. Fishtail and Annapurna Himalayan Region. After descending for some hours from Mardi himal base camp, we will arrive at Sidhing. And stay an overnight in homestay. From Sedhing we will get beautiful view of Mardi Khola, Khora Ko Mookh, Bhidabary etc.

Day 11: Drive from siding to Pokhara. Relax day in Pokhara.

On 11th day, after breakfast we will drive to Pokhara its take around 2 hour. Today we have pictureque view of diffrent village with mardi river. Today stay a night in hotel in Lake side Pokhara near Phewa Lake.

Day 12: drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu

Today, drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu by Luxury tourist bus. Have lunch at noon on the way and after 5 to 6 hours’ drive, we will reach Kathmandu. Stay in hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 13: departure day

On your departure day, which happens to be the 17th day, you are free to do some shopping in Thamel or any other location of your choice in Kathmandu, depending on your flight schedule. One of our company representatives will then provide transportation to the airport in accordance with your scheduled departure time. Please feel free to make any necessary changes to your itinerary or inquire about any additional information you may require.

Note: our itinerary is very flexible one can customize their own itinerary and can extend the trek for more few days and can also add some other tour or trek according to your time and interest. And the cost will be charged according to your luxurious service and customization.

Cost Includes

  • Expert climbing Sherpa with porter
  • Ground transportation form airport to airport
  • BB plan in Kathmandu and Pokhara in the trekking full board (B,L,D)
  • Transport of all equipment to and from basecamp
  • Skillful base camp cooks on camping days
  • First Aid Kids
  • Three meals each day on trekking
  • Group emergency equipment and satellite phone
  • Private tents in basecamp (no sharing)
  • Full base camp with dinning tent, showers, bathroom, and solar charger
  • Double occupancy tents above base camp
  • All permit fees and liaison officers
  • Use of group gear and supplies
  • Three nights stay in a Kathmandu hotel on BB plan
  • small additional fee.
  • Airport transfer

Cost Excludes

  • Nepalese visa fee
  • International airfare to and from Kathmandu
  • Mountain climbing rescue and travel insurance
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu because of early arrival, late departure, early return from mountain (due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary
  • Altitude chamber (PAC) or oxygen
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, internet, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, bottled or boiled water, shower, etc.)
  • Optional trips and sightseeing if extended
  • Tips for guides and porters

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