Expedition in Nepal

Expedition is a long journey or voyage intended to achieve a specific purpose for the full basis in attaining the best pleasure possible. Expedition in Nepal simply refers to the mountaineering the highest peaks ranging 7000 meter above sea level. The peaks with high valued selection of the expediters include Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Cho You, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Amadablam, Mt. Nuptse and many other fascinating peaks.

Nepal is significantly known all around the globe for trekking and mountaineering. The difference in between two is that mountaineering is more strenuous and requires long time of travel. Conquering the mighty mountain is the best vivid dream of every mountaineer. Mountaineering is painful and arduous yet a pleasant and well achieved experience of an adventurer.

Nepal’s geography holds a unique varied landscape in captivating a unique diverse of flora, fauna and terrain with spectacular mix of lifestyle of people. Mountaineering in Nepal is above the “Tree Line Zone” which can be seen as the zone of snow rock and ice. The lure of Himalayas is irresistible as the high ranging altitude provides a best scenario view of the harshest climate in the world.the sheer beauty, dramatic massive mountain, best challenging route and the well established hospitality of the people is a sure to go trip.

In Nepal there are about 423 mountain peak located above 6000 meters above sea level. Thus as this segregated terrain Expedition highly requires teamwork, well established communication, logistics, physical stamina with great evaluation of time and weather. Expedition in Nepal ranges from 28 days to 65 days.

Expedition can be seen as the physiological process of fighting with odds ; the tissue decay by the oxygen deprivation, strenuous exercise for a long number of days. Expedition is mainly the task where you play with your wit and experience. Thus if your wit goes wrong the result is wrong. This very nature of dualties can be seen as achievement or disappointment, pleasure or bummer, joy or sorrow. Thus anything can be possible as nature can be with you or play the odd. Thus, it is a risk taking job where the possibility makes this journey a most memorable well achieved task one normal individual dreamer can never dream so easily.

History of Expedition in Nepal

The expedition for mountaineering in Nepal has everlasting become famous all around the globe. The first expedition above the 8000 m is of Annapurna where first French Maurice Herzog as the leader expedite to this very peak. Then Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa first expedite to the peak of Mt. Everest; the world’s highest peak in May 29th of 1953. By 1960 Nepal has became famous for the well established trekking and mountaineering industry. The expedition in Nepal had become famous as it contained so many virgin world’s highest peak where no man had placed their foot upon it. British India Company was so lured by this lofty peak and the famous nature of this phenomenon to put foot in this segregated land that they had aggressively conducted so many peak expedition over the highest peak located around the Nepal. The hard laborious porters and the well prepared logistics became very necessities at that time. The Sherpa’s and their trained knowledge and skills had made every mountaineer to achieve their goal.

Now many companies are established so as to be a reliable medium for every mountaineer to make their dream into reality. The travel company are operating many expeditions all around the year and Thousand of tourist have ever since flocked into Nepal from that days to present. There have been 1310 identified Himalayan peaks of which only 326 are opened for expedition.

Physical requirement needed for Expedition

Mountaineering is an active sport in which well being of a stable mindset with the best physical stamina is required. The mountaineer is required to be in good shape with free from any disturbing thoughts, images or experience during the travel. Mountaineers are needed to be in the healthiest shape possible with the the best knowledge in use of tools and effective skill set of the mountaineering. The journey of this expedition are tough and painful yet the experience obtained will be totally worth it. Thus, expedition requires an individual to be healthiest who can do strenuous exercise and can endure the harsh climate with the best unaffected mindset while experiencing them.

Best climate for expedition

The climate in Nepal can sometime become notorious. The best valued of time and season must be taken care while visiting the harsh and wildest nature of Nepal. there are mainly two season famous for operating expedition in Nepal.


Spring is the best season for expedition in Nepal. This includes the month from late February to May month. The climate will be most vivid at this time with the lushly view of the massive mountain terrain. The wind isn’t harsh and the trail will be less difficult than other season where it is mostly covered with snows. This season has the highest record of expedition in Nepal.


Autumn is another season for the best time to summit the peaks. This season include from the month of late September to early December. The nature is with lushly hills with the vivid sky. The weather will be with less heat haze which includes best spectacular views of the massive peak ranges around the world.

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