Homestay Tour & Trek in Nepal

Home stay tour and trek is popular package event in Nepal. Guest are heartily welcomed in the houses where they experience a homely environment trying the local cuisines. There can be many evening dances and cultural performance where one can learn new culture tradition. This sort of experience will help to delve into the local culture and helps you understand the local lifestyle, cuisines, culture and tradition.

Home stay tour and trek package sharing the experience the local community, culture, lifestyle and trade mark. The insight into the culture and tradition of host and its village while you travel into Nepal will give you the best account to witness hospitality and very nature and lifestyle of host. This will be the best moment to compare your living life with other. Relaxing to every state of your mind through others culture, tradition, as in cultural music and dances helps you to achieve a one in a life time experience. This ultimate experience will help you know the people, place and culture better. Moreover it will be a leading initiative for better ideas exchange, learn of new morals along with friendship where you will see the best of best culture of a place. Similarly, you will learn  new language of that place and this will strengthen the best memories of yours with people. When you do these sorts of activities it will definitely increase the local economy and lifestyle.

There are many  home stay sites in Nepal among the best we operate some which  are Syangja Sirubari Village, lwang village ,Hemjakot Village, Ghalel and bhurjung Village and  Sikles Village.

Graceful adventure is one of the successful trek and tour organizers from Nepal who have been graciously organizing the home stay tour and trek packages.  Understanding the valued guests’ satisfaction as the prime need we have not yet failed to fulfill our promise in providing the best experience they can achieve of.

Why Home stay tour and trek in Nepal?

  • To learn new place and culture.
  • To understand the local lifestyle and people.
  • To know about local art, skills, traditions with their own cuisines.
  • To strengthen new friendship and relations of brotherhood and humanity
  • To increase local economy and lifestyle
  • Exchange of best ideas and learning of new morals


Homestay Tour & Trek in Nepal - Packages

Lwang Home Stay
Lwang Homestay Tour/Trek

Duration: 5 Days

Ghalegaun Trek
Ghale Gaun Homestay Tour

Duration: 4 Days

Muktinath Tour
Muktinath Tour Package

Duration: 3-7 Days

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