Why Travel With Us

Why Graceful Adventure Travel  company for tour and trekking.

Graceful adventure Pvt. Ltd. has been serving as a leading travel and trekking company in Nepal since its establishment. We are a long running company with a decade of knowledge and experience in the field of trek, tour, hike, expedition, peak climbing and adventure sport around Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.
Graceful adventure is a fully licensed and registered travel company of Nepal in recognition by Government of Nepal. We have an elite group of dedicated personnel of administration staffs, trekking guides, porters, cook and special counselors in our company. We offer various packages with best reasonable prices and help tailor made some customizable packages according to the clients need, expectation and duration of travel.
The best reasons to choose this company for your epic travel and tour in Nepal are:

Incredible Value of Money and Time

Sometime our cost maybe expensive than other competitor cost but we give you best hotel, guide and transportation. You get the service your money whereas we are a local company in Nepal so you don’t need to pay more for international company operating here.

Touring and trekking variety

Graceful Adventure Travel organizes different kinds of Trekking and tour. We have so many packages like luxury package, moderate package, and adventures package as well as customize national and international tour and trekking

Experience Team

Our tour guides and drivers are fully trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about culture, history, tradition along with the best routes and safety measures. Our guides and drivers are Government license holder and minimum 5 years’ experience on guiding and driving.

Any time Rescue

Our company is prepared for any emergency evacuation needed throughout the trek. Our trekking members are qualified for small injuries treatment and are trained in first aid. In the case of serious sickness or an unexpected incident, the affected person will be rescued by helicopter flight.

Quality Hotel and Food

We will assure you that we do not compromise with quality. We offer you hygienic food, Distilled mineral water for drinking and proper hot and cold water for bathing and cleaning throughout the trek.

24/7 hour service

We give 24/7 service to our visitor. Any time you can contact with guide and company representative during your trek and tour you can relay question to us via phones and sat phones as accessible in the regions.

Local Tour operator for Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan

It means we are working with directly to consumer. We offer unique travel experience with best quality and best service which will ultimately turn your touring experience into memorable trip.

No hidden cost

Graceful adventure travel won’t add any further cost to the agreement between you and company for same service and facility. We relay all the procedures and steps to be applied previously and give you a total estimation and all costings for your travel.

Fully licensed by Ministry of tourism

Our company is a fully recognized tourism company by ministry of tourism with PAN no. we have licensed travel guides and trekkers.

Responsible Travel

Only responsible and sustainable travel can make good memories while touring and trekking in Nepal. We always operate local tourism, raise awareness, and develop the project on local needs and advocate for green travels reducing plastic wastes and rubbish.

Individual and Grouping Travel

Graceful adventure travel has good brand on national and international tourism sector. We organize the solo trip and group trekking & tour as required. The cost for solo and group tours are fairly the same and we don’t add extra costings.

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